10 Reasons To Keep Hanging On – Even If You’re At The End Of Your Rope

Life can get hard sometimes. We question. We wonder. Sometimes we go through things that, while we are in the middle of it, we just cannot understand. It can become easy to develop a negative attitude or wonder if there is any point in continuing to try with whatever we may be struggling with. Several years ago, I found myself in somewhat of an existential crisis.

“Why am I here?”

“What’s the point?”

“Why does everything seem so hard?”

Sound familiar?

You matter……. and the moment you start to think that maybe that isn’t so, I hope you can pull something from the bullets below.

1) Somebody Loves You

I don’t care who you are. Somebody loves you. You mean something to someone. You would be missed if you were gone. Whether you can think of several people or just one person doesn’t matter. Somebody loves you.

2) You Can Help Someone Else

Whatever it is that you are going through right now; use that situation to help someone else. I truly believe that one of our primary purposes for being on this Earth is to help one another. Everyone has struggles. Use yours to help the next person.

3) This Too Shall Pass

It may seem like whatever you are going through will never end. Guess what? It will. Nothing stays the same forever. Think of all of the things that you may have already gone through that you thought could you could never endure. You did. This will be no different.

4) There Is A Reason For All Of This

I know you cannot see it yet, but there is a reason for what you are going through. It will unfold eventually. Trust the mosaic of your life and let the pieces fall where they need to.

5) There Is A Way To Find Acceptance

Sometimes this can take a little bit of time. Sometimes, a lot of time. If you can just take it one day at a time, you will find a way to accept your circumstances.

6) More Will Be Revealed

You don’t know how the story is going to end yet! You may think things are troubling, but there is more to come! More will be revealed and you will be able to see things a little clearer on the other side.

7) Just Because Your Path Is Different, Doesn’t Mean You’re Lost

Your journey may not look like everyone else’s. That’s okay. It is not supposed to. Can you imagine how boring things would be if everyone’s lives looked exactly the same? We all have our own paths; and they all mean something.

8) Stop Comparing Your Insides To Other People’s Outsides

This has become especially relevant with the development of social media. It’s easy to look at everyone else’s lives on the outside and think that they have it all. Guess what? No one has it all. Honestly, what does that even mean? You have no idea what could be going on inside that person’s life or that person’s heart. For all you know they are hurting just as deeply as you are.

9) Forget The Mistake And Remember The Lesson

Everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE. The cool thing is that there is always something to learn from them. Think about it…..  Have you learned more in your life from the things that you have done right or the things that you have done wrong? Mistakes are stepping stones to bigger things, if we let them.

10) The Moment That You Feel Like Giving Up, Think About Why You Have Held On So Long….

There is a reason that you have made it this far. There is a reason why you have kept hope. There is a reason why you have kept going. Remember that. There is a purpose. You have a purpose.

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