Keeping the Faith – Are You Wonderstruck by God?

As my husband and I have begun the journey of adopting a child, I have taken it as an opportunity to grow my faith. Adoption is stressful, difficult, and nothing can be for certain. We both walk into it hopeful, but also scared of the uncertainty of it all. Because of that, I decided that I want to start attending a woman’s Bible study that was beginning in the small town that I live in. The 7-week study that I joined was titled Wonderstruck after the book written by Margaret Feinberg.

The idea behind Wonderstruck is to develop a renewed passion for God and your spiritual life and recognizing the presence of Him in everything that you do.

This is something that I struggle with. I am always getting lost in the day-to-day routines; so caught up in the moment, that I forgot about God altogether. I will drown myself with worry, doubt, and concern and then I will feel guilty about it.

“Why can’t I just trust that God knows what He’s doing?” I’ll ask myself.

As we dug into the material for the first week, we were asked to share parts of our life where there was no mistake that God had played a part in something big. I have always known that my sobriety was involved in this. I vaguely shared this and listened to other women’s stories.

The next discussion was about never questioning the power of God, and that the scripture reminds us that all things are possible through Him. Then the discussion of God’s will came into play – this is where I always get EXTREMELY confused.

If there is something that you desire for your life but it isn’t happening, is it because you are not believing that God can or because it is not in His will?

For example, let’s say you really want a job. Let’s say that this job could completely change your life; so you talk to your friends about it.

One friend might say, “Just be open to whatever God’s plan is for you. If it’s in His will, then it will happen.”

While another may say, “You have to believe that God wants you to have this job. God is capable of anything. Prayer is very powerful. If we really ask God for something, He will answer our prayers!”

Um, okay. Those two statements completely contradict each other; so which is it?

At the end of the class, our teacher gave us an assignment.

Every day, ask God to show you His wonders. Ask Him to make you Wonderstruck, and He will surely do it.

Okay, I thought. I got this.

So the next day, I literally asked God to show me his wonders about 50 times. I started my day optimistic and in a great mood. Somewhere around lunchtime, things took a turn.

I sat at my desk when suddenly I felt like someone had knocked the wind out of me. I was exhausted, achy, and felt like I was about the throw up. The feeling wouldn’t subside, so I left work for the day. When I get home, my stomach revolted against me and – well, let’s just say I had a nasty stomach bug for the next 24 hours or so.

So basically, I asked God to show me his wonders, and I got a stomach bug (I am laughing to myself as I write this). Now in all seriousness, I don’t believe that God gave me a stomach bug, but it certainly did not help my previous confusion.

So I ask you – how do you continue to renew your relationship with God? Do you think that things will happen if it’s in His will, or do you think that God can do ANYTHING if you ask Him to?

Do you feel Wonderstruck?

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments!





2 thoughts on “Keeping the Faith – Are You Wonderstruck by God?

  1. I’m not Christian or religious, though I believe in a higher power and love those glimpses of one at work in our daily lives. Sometimes I notice it more, almost like how I notice having more dreams during certain periods. It only happened once I got sober. Your stomach bug story was funny (though sorry you got it). I could see myself having a similar experience. Don’t give up. I bet you’ll notice more signs with practice. The prayer thing feels very personal – as does one’s relationship with God – and might explain why others give very different advice. Good luck in your adoption process. What an amazing thing to be doing.

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    1. This is something I had never considered. It is a an excellent point that everyone’s experience with prayer is personal, therefore it could develop a different opinion! Thanks for the feedback 😘


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