Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (and other lessons that I have learned in 2017)

I was reflecting today on the things that I used to worry about. I used to worry about pretty much everything. "What needs to be done?" "What needs to be cleaned?" "Is this person mad at me?" "Should I eat this?" "Is coconut oil good for you?" "Am I gaining weight?" "Am I doing enough [...]

10 Reasons To Keep Hanging On – Even If You’re At The End Of Your Rope

Life can get hard sometimes. We question. We wonder. Sometimes we go through things that, while we are in the middle of it, we just cannot understand. It can become easy to develop a negative attitude or wonder if there is any point in continuing to try with whatever we may be struggling with. Several [...]

The Love of a Grandmother

It has been almost one year since my grandmother passed away. While I think of her daily, my fondest memories of her have been on the forefront of my mind over the last several days. If you have been fortunate enough to have experienced the love of a grandmother, then you understand how difficult it [...]

When Life Tells You “NO”: The Beauty of Life’s Mosaic and the Bigger Plan

There have been so many times in my life that I have allowed myself to feel bitterness and resentment over not getting the things that I wanted or needed out of life. However, as time has passed, these difficulties have allowed me to see a bigger picture. I like to refer to this as the [...]

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes! 10 Things That Happen To Women In Their Thirties

Hello Crow's Feet - Um, hi - I never asked for avian claws to protrude from my eyes. And the wrinkles?? When did my face start to look like a road map? 2. Hair Where?? - Oh goodness, is that an eyelash stuck to my chin? No, it's      not. Get the tweezers. [...]

No, You CAN’T Do Anything You Set Your Mind To!

I watched a video clip on my news feed this morning that had various celebrities speaking about "following your dream." Each sound clip encompassed a theme of "never give up" or "you can do anything that you put your mind to!!". At one point, Jim Carey poses the idea that if you visualize your dream, it will [...]

When All You Know Is That You Don’t Know – A Lesson In Humility

Surrender; letting go. These are words that are heard often when being taught how to cope with something that we cannot control. "Give it to God," we say. There is nothing tangible or straightforward about this, but many of us (including myself) will say it as a form of comfort to someone as if it [...]