What “Adulting” Really Means

I am a little behind on my writing. The last couple of weeks have kind of been a whirlwind, and I have not had a lot of time to do anything except be on the go. I have been thinking all day about what this post should be about. I thought about writing something relating [...]

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (and other lessons that I have learned in 2017)

I was reflecting today on the things that I used to worry about. I used to worry about pretty much everything. "What needs to be done?" "What needs to be cleaned?" "Is this person mad at me?" "Should I eat this?" "Is coconut oil good for you?" "Am I gaining weight?" "Am I doing enough [...]

The Love of a Grandmother

It has been almost one year since my grandmother passed away. While I think of her daily, my fondest memories of her have been on the forefront of my mind over the last several days. If you have been fortunate enough to have experienced the love of a grandmother, then you understand how difficult it [...]

Ready Or Not, Here It Comes! 10 Things That Happen To Women In Their Thirties

Hello Crow's Feet - Um, hi - I never asked for avian claws to protrude from my eyes. And the wrinkles?? When did my face start to look like a road map? 2. Hair Where?? - Oh goodness, is that an eyelash stuck to my chin? No, dear.....no it's      not. Get the tweezers. [...]